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What’s the risk?

High cholesterol raises the risk of cardiovascular disease which in turn can heighten the severity of COVID and other illnesses. Patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes need to pay close attention to their health. Now more than ever, it is important to manage chronic diseases to lessen the high risks associated with COVID-19!

As we now know, patients with preexisting conditions seem to have more serious cases of COVID and negative outcomes. Patients with cardiovascular disease who contract COVID-19 have a 10.5% higher mortality rate; those with diabetes have a 7.3% higher rate compared to the general mortality rate of 2.3%.

Knowing your risk of developing chronic diseases is key to early and effective management of the disease and your possible COVID outcomes. At Rapid Care, we provide lipid testing in Memphis and Germantown, TN, to help patients determine their risk level.

What is a lipid panel test?

This test is a measure of lipids or types of fat in the blood. It is also known as a coronary risk panel, lipid profile, or cholesterol panel. The lipid panel checks various substances, including types of cholesterol and triglycerides. It may be used for adults or children. 

At Rapid Care, we offer lipid testing in Memphis and Germantown to assess our patients’ risks of developing heart disease. Knowing your risk level is important as at-risk patients have a higher likelihood of developing complications from COVID-19

The complete lipid profile uses a small blood sample which is analyzed by the lab. A point-of-care test needs only a drop of blood from your finger. This is quickly analyzed by a small device to determine your lipid risk level. Fasting or not eating or drinking for 9 to 12 hours may be required prior to lipid tests.

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Purpose of a lipid profile

The lipid panel measures the amount of cholesterol in the patient’s blood vessels. The test results show a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, heart disease, and stroke. High cholesterol levels damage the vessels and arteries, raising the risk of disease.

The lipid panel may be recommended for the following:

  • Screening – to determine a baseline category
  • Monitoring – to track abnormal levels from a previous test
  • Measuring treatment response – to evaluate whether or not cholesterol treatment is working
  • Diagnosing – to check lipid levels as part of an evaluation for medical conditions, such as those affecting the liver

An overall lipid panel evaluates a patient’s total cholesterol level, bad cholesterol or LDL which raises the risk of heart disease, and good cholesterol or HDL which helps reduce LDL buildup.

Who needs a lipid test?

Various circumstances make it appropriate to consider lipid testing. Your health care professional may advise testing as a screening, monitoring, or diagnosis tool. Risk factors for high cholesterol include the following:

  • Men over 45 and women over 50
  • Previous high test results
  • History of cardiovascular problems
  • Smoking
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Following unhealthy habits such as poor diet and low physical activity
  • Having (or being borderline for) conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Having a close family history of cardiovascular disease

If you have one or more of the risk factors above, a lipid profile may be recommended annually to monitor your results.

Get a lipid test in Memphis or Germantown, TN!

A lipid test can be done at our locations in Memphis or Germantown, TN. Please remember, patients who test at risk are at a higher risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19. Knowing your risk level can help keep you safe during peak waves of the coronavirus. 

Rapid Care has all of your testing needs covered from lipid, A1C, and blood sugar tests to PCR tests near me for travel. Schedule your lipid test or COVID-19 test today!

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