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rapid COVID antigen test in Memphis, Germantown, and Winston-Salem

Rapid COVID Antigen Test in Memphis, Germantown, & Winston-Salem

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What is the COVID antigen test?

At Rapid Care, we offer the rapid antigen test in Memphis, Germantown, and Winston-Salem. We serve all surrounding areas and strive to give patients an accurate diagnosis of their COVID-19 status.

The rapid antigen test is a diagnostic tool that checks for an active infection by looking for proteins found on the outside of the virus. This test mimics what antibodies do, which is attach to antigen proteins to fight the virus. 

An antigen test is performed using a nasal or throat swab. The sample is put into a liquid and onto a test strip. This test strip acts as an antibody searching for those proteins or bad guys in your system. If there are any active COVID-19 antigens, the molecules in the liquid will attach to them and show a positive test result. If there are no antigens detected, your test will show a negative result.

Test results are available in approximately 10 minutes.

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How reliable is the rapid COVID antigen test?

While COVID antigen tests are generally accurate, false negatives are possible. Rapid antigen testing is most accurate for patients with symptoms of the coronavirus. This test cannot detect trace amounts of the virus or asymptomatic cases. False negatives may occur in these cases or if some tests too soon after coming into contact with an infected individual. 

If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, the results from the antigen test are quick and accurate.

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Who needs a rapid antigen test?

If you have been exposed to an infected individual or need to show that you do not have an active COVID infection, you may need a rapid antigen test. Patients who need an antigen test include those who:

  • Show active symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of their current vaccination status or if they have had a previous infection
  • Have been in close contact with a COVID positive patient
  • Need test results for work
  • Have had a physician or medical professional recommend testing

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Get a rapid COVID-19 antigen test in Memphis, Germantown, and Winston-Salem!

At Rapid Care, we specialize in COVID-19 testing to make sure our patients have an accurate diagnosis. We follow the highest performance standards using methods that are considered the gold standard in diagnostic testing. Patients receive their rapid antigen test results on the spot or the same day through our convenient online portal.

With COVID testing locations near the Memphis airport and in Winston-Salem, NC, we offer testing solutions for patients in all surrounding areas.

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