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RT-PCR test in Memphis, Germantown, and Winston-Salem

RT-PCR Test in Memphis, Germantown, & Winston-Salem

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What is the RT-PCR test?

At Rapid Care, we offer the RT-PCR test in Memphis, Germantown, and Winston-Salem. We serve all surrounding areas and strive to give patients an accurate diagnosis of their COVID-19 status.

The RT-PCR test (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test) is a molecular test which is used as a diagnostic tool for active COVID-19 infections. The PCR test takes a sample of RNA via a nasal or throat swab and amplifies it using lab technology. By amplifying the RNA, even small traces of the coronavirus are visible in the testing sample. Therefore, this test is highly accurate in detecting even the smallest presences of COVID in your system. 

A PCR test does not alter your genetic material in any way. It simply tells whether or not you have an active COVID-19 infection.

Results from the RT-PCR tests are usually available the same day!

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Are the COVID-19 PCR tests accurate?

Because this test looks specifically for the genetic material of the virus, it is more reliable and accurate because it can eliminate interference from other viruses. A positive test result with an RT-PCR test means that the patient currently has an infection of SARS-CoV-2. This test also detects the presence of the virus in patients who are asymptomatic. A negative test result means that you did not have an active COVID infection at the time of the test.

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Who needs an RT-PCR COVID test?

Coronavirus testing is recommended for patients who have been exposed to COVID or who are showing active symptoms of an infection. Since PCR tests are highly accurate, they are the gold standard test when you need to be sure of your status. RT-PCR testing is recommended for the following patients:

  • Those who are showing signs of COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status or previous infection.
  • People who have been exposed to or who have had close contact with a COVID positive patient.
  • Patients who need proof of test results for work or travel.

For those who are traveling, we recommend the RT-PCR test. We provide an official laboratory result with a QR code. This meets the travel requirements for most destinations. We are conveniently located near the Memphis airport which simplifies COVID testing for travel.

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Get a RT-PCR COVID-19 test in Memphis, Germantown, & Winston-Salem!

At Rapid Care, we specialize in COVID-19 testing to make sure our patients have an accurate diagnosis. We follow the highest performance standards using methods that are considered the gold standard in diagnostic testing. Patients receive their rapid antigen test results on the spot or the same day through our convenient online portal.

With COVID testing locations near the Memphis airport and in Winston-Salem, NC, we offer testing solutions for patients in all surrounding areas.

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