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Same Day Results: COVID Testing Near Me

Same Day Results: COVID Testing Near Me

Same-Day COVID Testing

Although the gold standard in COVID testing has been send-away tests evaluated in a lab, as people return to work and play, the need for rapid tests has increased. Rapid testing has increasingly become a sought-after tool as businesses, employers, and even family members have increasingly required proof of negative COVID-19 status

What Is a Same-Day Test?

Same-day tests provide test results in as little as 15 minutes. These tests can be found at urgent care centers and many other testing sites and centers for COVID-19 vaccines, though they are not usually available at city or county testing sites. 

Are Same-Day COVID-19 Tests Effective?

An antigen test is considered almost as effective as a PCR test, though they may be more likely to give a false negative. People who come into close contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 often seek out same-day tests in order to appease family, friends, or even supervisors. They are also used for travel and attending events. Though they have been known to give more false negatives than PCR tests, they are usually considered effective enough for widespread use

How Long Do Same-Day Results Take to Arrive?

Same-day results typically take between 10 and 15 minutes following the administration of a nose swab. 

When to Get a Rapid Test

Health insurance covers rapid tests, though many insurance companies primarily focus on covering PCR tests. Nevertheless, there are several instances in which a rapid test is a better option. Travel, workplace requirements, and certain events and locations can all make it necessary to seek out a rapid COVID-19 testing center. 

Checking Workplace and Local Requirements

Whether you have been exposed to the novel coronavirus or you have actively come into contact with an infected individual, you may require a rapid test to appease a supervisor or company with strict coronavirus rules in place. Some more strict companies may require a PCR test following a negative rapid test due to concerns about low viral loads slipping past unnoticed, though this may be less common. 

Testing for Specific Plans

Bars, concert venues, and even restaurants may require proof of negative test status prior to granting entrance, either in conjunction with or in the place of a vaccine verification. Testing may also be required after attending large events. 

Testing for Travel

Travel may also require a rapid test. Some areas implemented testing procedures when crossing borders, and many airlines and other travel methods have adopted either vaccine or testing policies. Rapid tests can eliminate the worry involved with making plans and can provide a simple and easy way to ensure that your plans are not derailed by an unexpected illness or problematic vaccine record. 

Rapid COVID-19 Testing in Memphis and Germantown, TN

Rapid testing is a wonderful tool in the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are trying to get approval to travel or you were exposed to the coronavirus and require proof of negative status, rapid testing can help without requiring you to cancel plans or amend your work schedule. To learn more about rapid testing in Memphis and Germantown, TN, reach out to us today!

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