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COVID test for travel in Memphis and Germantown, TN

COVID Test for Travel from Memphis and Germantown, TN

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Are you preparing to travel for work or vacation? COVID testing for travel may be necessary prior to your trip. Rapid Care is your solution!

COVID-19 has created a public health crisis and global pandemic. As such, today’s COVID-19 testing and masking protocols are constantly evolving. 

Certain destinations do require travelers to provide negative test results and/or to be fully vaccinated prior to traveling. If you need a COVID test for travel from Memphis and Germantown, TN, turn to the medical team at Rapid Care. Our team provides PCR testing for travel to meet the necessary requirements for flights, public transportation, and local and international destinations. 

With our RT-PCR test, patients get efficient, accurate results. Results are often available the same day, in as little as an hour through our online portal. For patients who are traveling, we provide official laboratory test results with a unique QR code that is accepted for travel to most countries.

Don’t stress about traveling. Let us give you peace of mind today!

Who is Rapid Care?

Rapid Care is a revolutionary new practice that was formed by healthcare professionals in an effort to create a diagnostic testing space for COVID-19. We offer different types of tests, including the Rapid Antigen, RT-PCR, and Rapid Antibody tests at testing locations in Memphis and Germantown. When it comes to traveling, we prioritize our patients’ safety and peace of mind with quick, highly accurate results.

Travel with Confidence

Rapid Care provides accurate point-of-care testing to the masses. With various testing options and curbside service, we can provide quick, efficient diagnostic testing with reduced cost and minimal time. Travel testing may be necessary even if you have had the COVID-19 vaccine and regardless of close contact with an infected individual.

We understand that your time is valuable. As such, we strive to provide a timely laboratory analysis. Each travel document contains a QR code that can be scanned and is accepted by most destinations that have testing requirements.

rapid covid testing for travel in Memphis and Germantown, TN Get peace of mind with COVID testing for travel from Memphis and Germantown, Tennessee.

Why Choose Rapid Care for your COVID travel testing needs?

    • Locally owned and operated
    • Professional, experienced health care staff members
    • Easily accessible online test results portal
    • Non-invasive collection method

Rapid COVID Testing for Travel

Keep in mind that each travel destination has its own entry requirements. COVID testing travel requirements change regularly, so be sure to check the Centers for Disease Control for updated information. For some locations, travel restrictions may be in place for international travelers.


Rest assured that Rapid Care provides the gold standard in diagnostic testing.

      • Highly accurate, efficient results
      • Rapid tests available
      • Fastest RT-PCR test results
      • Official laboratory analysis with QR code
      • Convenient online scheduling for test appointments

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