What Memphis & Germantown Residents Can Do If They Get COVID-19 While Traveling

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What Memphis & Germantown Residents Can Do If They Get COVID-19 While Traveling

What Memphis & Germantown Residents Can Do If They Get COVID-19 While Traveling

It is needless to say that COVID-19 is still circulating widely, so getting sick while traveling is a real possibility that travelers have to consider while planning their journey. Hence, it’s a good idea to run several scenarios in your head during these trying times to avoid stressful logistical headaches. 

Think about it – how do you handle accommodation concerns if you have to quarantine abroad? How about issues? Can you extend your stay in your lodging? What are the COVID-19 policies in your destination hotel? 

If you’re planning a trip, then it’s time to consider these questions and start planning for COVID-19. Read on to check out a few things you should consider.

Rules or No Rules – Always Test Before You Travel

Travel requirements for COVID-19 vary from state to state and country to country. Regardless of COVID-19 policies and regulations in your destination state, country, or airline, you should consider testing since this is a more cautious approach. 

Additionally, you should prepare for unexpected changes regarding travel policies during COVID-19 at your destination. As a matter of fact, the Centers for Diseases and Control (CDC) advises travelers within the United States to get tested as close to the time of departure as possible. A PCR test is highly recommended for traveling because it provides a higher level of reassurance for yourself and for the authorities. 

Know Your Destination’s COVID-19 Related Rules Before You Travel

This is very important because border restrictions and entry requirements for travel change constantly during COVID-19. A basic rule of thumb is to familiarize yourself with your destination’s COVID-19 travel guidelines. 

Check out their policies on quarantine measures since it is not uncommon for countries to implement or lift travel bans at short notice for the purpose of controlling the spread of COVID-19. Hence, you should stay updated regularly.

Check Your Airline Change or Cancellation Policies

Different airlines have different policies concerning COVID-19. For instance, some airlines are flexible enough to allow you to change your departure or return plans without any charge if you get COVID-19 close to or during your trip. Before you travel, look for airlines with a travel insurance policy that covers COVID-19-related events and policy changes. 

Sometimes, all you need is evidence that you tested positive for COVID-19, so you can change your flight reservations with minimal penalties, and sometimes without it. Fortunately, we provide same-day COVID tests if you’re flying to or from Memphis or Germantown, TN, or Winston-Salem, NC, and you quickly want to verify your status.

Get Tested Immediately if You Have Symptoms

You may get symptoms related to COVID-19 upon arrival at your destination state or country. We advise that you do not wait until you get home if you experience a cold, flu, or other symptoms that are similar to COVID-19. Fortunately, you can schedule a same-day COVID-19 test in Memphis and  Germantown, TN, and Winston-Salem, NC.

Go With Extra Medications & Necessities in Case You Need to Delay Your Return

You also need to prepare yourself for extra days if you’re traveling. We advise that you travel along with everything you need for up to ten extra days just in case you get COVID-19 and you’re quarantined in your destination country. 

If there’s any medication that you currently use to manage one or more conditions, make sure you include these medications and pack extra that can stay for at least ten additional days. For people with special health conditions, you may want to check if travel medical insurance covers your medical bills while you’re abroad.

Investigate How to Get Medical Care if You Get Sick During Your Trip

It is important to consider the medical services that would be available to you if you get COVID-19 or get sick in your destination country. Give some thought to the medical care that is available.

For instance, if you’re traveling to a place where their medical services are poorly developed, you may consider contacting your travel insurance or making possible reservations for emergency evacuation back home if you get sick. Also, consider discussing your medication needs with your medical care provider so you can have the fullest understanding of the scope of care that you may need.

Ask About the COVID-19 Flexibility & Policies at Your Hotel or Rental Home

Regardless of whether you test positive or show symptoms of COVID-19, conditions may warrant you to extend your trip in order to quarantine. We encourage you to prepare yourself for different scenarios before you travel. 

For instance, check to see if your hotel or rental home will allow you to stay longer, and review their current check-in protocols for guests exposed or infected with COVID-19. Some hotels may allow you to extend your stay if you’ve already checked in and you test positive for COVID-19 while there

Check to see your destination’s hotel policies, rules, and level of flexibility for COVID-19 uncertainties. Hence, run through potential scenarios in your head so you can prepare adequately for your accommodation needs.

Keep Yourself & Your Loved Ones Safe Always

Keeping yourself and your family safe by following COVID-19-related guidelines is key to protecting yourself from the infection regardless of your vaccination status. Continue to practice social distancing, wear masks and clean your hands regularly with alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Contact Us for a COVID-19 Test for Travel in Memphis, Germantown, & Winston-Salem

Are you preparing to travel anytime soon? Relax! At Rapid Care Testing, we provide same-day COVID-19 tests in Memphis, Germantown, and Winston-Salem. Feel free to book an appointment today for your same-day COVID-19 test so your trip can be hassle-free. We will be glad to receive you!


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